Knights of the Arcade
Episode 8: Let the Midnight Special

For this episode we dip into the KotA archives to present an show we recorded with Spencer Crittenden from the Harmontown Podcast in September 2014. This was a midnight show that we recorded immediately after Episode 4: The Princess Dairies.

We didn't immediately publish because it needed a lot of cleaning up as we did a number of bits that worked really well on stage but that won't make sense on audio. I do my best to try and explain what's going on. So we did a bit of scrubbing and since we have nothing else to release this month, well here you go.  

Also, I apparently built a robot. I expect him to be divisive. 


Knights of the Arcade is a live Dungeons & Dragons game played on stage by comedians, improvisers, and tried-and-true geeks. Every month, the Knights embark on an epic quest built entirely from audience suggestions. With special guests, video-projected dice, and a lively audience cheering along with every Critical Hit.

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